Does it hurt?

Even though a strong topical anesthetic it's applied on the treated area before each season some clients could experience some level of discomfort, sensitivity or mild pain during a microblading session.

What's the right shape and color?

Our Microblading artist will work with each client to choose the right shape and color that will work the best based on things like skin complexion, hair color and other facial features.  A complimentary consultation it's offered to everyone seeking treatment.

How long does it take?

For best results, Microblading is preformed on 2 separate visits lasting 2-3 hours each.

What's the recovery time?

There's no down time Ader the procedure. Clients can resume their activities right away taking certain precautions. An aftercare cream and specific instruction will be given to every client after each session.

Do I have to continue to use my regular hair removal methods?

Microblading will not prevent your hair from growing. If you tweeze, wax, thread or shave you will most likely will continue to do so, however, it gets much easy to follow a guide and to keep up with your eyebrows after getting the treatment done.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

Most people with general good health condition can benefit from the results of Microblading, however, if you suffer from any of these conditions you should refrain or consult with a Doctor before getting the treatment done.

-Pregnant or nursing women
-Skin Irritations or skin allergies
-Recent chemical peels
-Taking blood thinners
-High Blood Pressure
-Cancer or undergoing chemotherapy
-Very sensitive skin
-Extreme oily skin
-History of Keloids
-Hepatitis or any Viral Infections
-Allergies to minerals such as Iron or lidocaine
-MRSA or any history of blood conditions
-Poor general health